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Andean Origins is a Peruvian travel agency created by specialists in cultural, nature, sports and adventure tourism. With their vast knowledge Mario Canessa have decided to share their South America experiences in Andean Origins Tour Operator, with their head office in Cusco and branch office in Lima.

We specialize in …

ANDEAN ORIGINS specializes in preparing special interest trips; Cultural tailor made tours; golf tours; trips off the beaten path and adventure travel trips, like trekking, horse riding, biking and rafting tours in Peru and throughout South America for individuals and groups.
The tours we prepare are designed to satisfy the tourist’s interest, which isn’t only to visit a country but to experience that country via social, cultural and current economic aspects. Other possibilities of interest are historical, architectural, flora and fauna, nature, sport and agricultural tourism.

We count on…

ANDEAN ORIGINS counts on a team of professionals specialising on different cultural and technical fields, as well as with an outdoor and adventure staff with extensive experience to enrich the traveller’s visit with the most interesting experiences that our region offers, discovering more off the beaten path destinations and satisfying everyone’s hopes for their vacation. For individual travellers we also offer our exclusive “Fly & Drive” programs with selected rented cars.
We also provide hotel services, conventional tours and help with airline tickets.
In our pre-designed tours we have created different and exciting experiences of Peru and South America that our clients can take back to their home countries, offering a number of attractive destinations which incorporate the geographic, historical and cultural variety of the countries.

Our Mission…

To strive for excellence with our services and make sure our clients have an unforgettable experience that meets their highest expectations of a visit to Peru or South America.

Our Objective …

To offer our passengers ecological and socially responsible tourist services, satisfying their needs and providing them with unique benefits to create an unforgettable life experience.

Our advantage

We share our creativity and experiences via tourist programs and services that are appropriate for our clients in all types of tourism, with programs that involve new, lesser-travelled routes and distinct experiences that you won’t find elsewhere.

Our staff has selected and trained guides who have specialized in tourism and possess strong cultural awareness and a dominance of multiple languages in order to adequately share current and historical information with our travellers.


  • Cultural and professional tours
  • Special Interest programs
  • Vinyard visits
  • Farm Tours
  • Alpaca breeding programs
  • Golf
  • Personalized tourist packages
  • Fly & Drive programs
  • Professional guides
  • Selected hotels
  • Tourist/cultural event planning service
  • Trekking, rafting, horse riding, overlanding
  • Off the beaten path programms

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