About Andean Origins

Andean Origins is a Peruvian travel agency owned by Mario Canessa and Carmen Lizarzaburu specialists for decades in cultural, historical and natural tourism.

With this vast experience we have decided to share with you our experiences in South America and other international destinations, forming Andean Origins Tour Operator, with our head office in Cuzco and branch offices in Lima.

We have the pleasure to make our new website available to you, created so we can share with you historic, cultural, natural and geographical information about Peru and its attractions in a professional and detailed manner.

We hope that while you are browsing our pages you find exactly what you are looking for, as well as something new to you. We hope to opening up more doors and provide more options for your vacation in our beautiful country. Our wish is that you stumble across a lesser-known destination and we are able to help you build your vacation around whatever or wherever you choose.

You won’t find trip prices listed with any of the Andean Origins tours, except on packages with fixed departure dates. The idea is that you pick what interests you and where you would like to visit and from there we put together a personalized and priced itinerary perfectly suited to you!

Our website is not a static one, we are eager to enrich it continuously with new exciting travel possibilities and information. We are here for any questions, comments or suggestions you may have, and look forward to hearing from you!

These are some of the destinations, services, ideas and information you will find in our website about Peru, “Land of the Incas”, offering a stimulating and rewarding travel experience in the most diverse and exhilarating of the South American destinations.