Lima is the capital of Peru. It was founded by Francisco Pizarro on January 18th, 1535, near the Rimac River on the central coast of Peru. It has a population of 7.06 million inhabitants. It is the biggest and most important city of Peru. It is a modern city where you can still find centers of beautiful colonial architecture.

The climate changes according to the season, in summer (January-March) the temperature fluctuates between 19°C (66ºF) and 28°C (82ºF), and in winter between 12°C (54ºF) and 20°C (68ºF).

Lima has not only been named The Very Noble, Distinguished and Very Loyal City of the Kings, according to its 1537 Coat of Arms, but also the Garden City because of its welcoming parks and gardens. In Lima several museums and art galleries will give you the best view into Peru’s and Lima’s past.

Lima museums and art galleries

Lima Museums and Art

The following museums and art galleries will give you the best view into Peru and Lima past, and help create a concrete image in your mind by using archeology, history and art. We recommend for the time available of your visit one or more of the following: Museo Nacional de Antropología, Arqueología e Historia, Museo Arqueológico Rafael Larco Herrera, Gold of Peru Museum, etc.
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Detailed Tour itineraries in and around Lima

Lima City Tour (Half day, any day tour)
Colonial and Modern Lima (Approx. 3 hours).

Lima City Tour

We pick you up in the morning or afternoon for your half day city tour of Lima. Visit the Plaza San Martin, the Plaza Mayor (Lima Main Square), Perus Government Palace, City Hall, the Cathedral and the San Francisco church. Continuing our tour, we will visit the residential neighborhoods of San Isidro and Olivar, with olive trees brought from Spain in the XVI century. We will also visit the pre-Inca worship centers of Huallamarca and Pucllana, Miraflores Parque Central and the Parque del Amor (Park of Love), with a splendid ocean view. Finally we will have time to visit Larco Mar, an entertainment center that is a symbol of Lima’s modernity with gourmet restaurants and bars. Return to your hotel.
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Pachacamac (Half day, any day tour)

Lima - Pachacamac

Pachacamac, located about 40 km SE of Lima in the Lurin Valley, are the ruins of a walled Native American settlement. The site, which contains a number of pyramids, was considered one of the most important religious monuments by the indigenous people of the central Andes. Spanish historical records, along with extensive archaeological research at the site, have served to clarify its history and significance.
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Caral (All day tour, any day).

Lima - Caral

Located 150 km north of Lima on the Pan American Highway, Caral is the oldest pre-Inca civilization in America, dating back to more than 3000 years BC. It is an ancient city in a remote Peruvian valley, more than 4,600 years old – – far older than any known city in this hemisphere and old enough to rewrite the history of the New World – according to a finding reported in the current Journal of Science.
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Off the beaten path Nor Yauyos Fly & Drive in 4×4
7 Day/ 5 Night Program

Lima - Yauyos

The Scenic Nor-Yauyos Reserve in the south of the Lima region, 221,268 hectares large, is one of the most beautiful areas in Peru. Highlighting the reserve are an impressive and unique series of waterfalls, turquoise, crystal clear lagoons, deep canyons with creeks running through, and queñual forests, all surrounded by the snow-capped Raimondi and Pariacacca mountains. The small, traditional Andean villages along the Cañete River deserve a visit, with their antique churches, colonial homes and bridges that give you the sensation that time has stopped. Furthermore, this area is filled with terraces and archeaological complexes, as well as many diverse species of birds.
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