About Nazca Lines

Nazca Lines This archaeological monument consists of an enormous network of lines and drawings of animals and plants attributed to the Nazca Culture. The lines are situated between km 419 and km 465 of the South Pan-American Highway, covering an area of about 350 km². The discovery of these figures is attributed to Toribio Mejía Xesspe, in 1927. Later on, they were studied by Paul Kosok, Hans Horkheirmer and María Reiche. The latter devoted 50 years to study and research on the site.

In order to view the lines in all their splendor a viewing tower 12 m high has been built, from which one may partially appreciate the figures of The Hand and The Tree, although over flying the site in a small aircraft is absolutely necessary in order to appreciate them in their true dimensions. The Nazca Lines were declared to be part of Humanity’s Cultural Heritage in 1994.