The Chullpas were initially built by the Aymara-speaking Collas – a tribe that dominated the Titicaca region before the Incas. Afterwards the Incas also started building tombs in Sillustani. Each tower contained the remains of Colla or Inca nobility accompanied by their richness. Grave robbers have since removed their contents, although the towers are well preserved and well worth seeing. The engineering involved in their construction is more complex than anything the Incas built. Two of the towers are unfinished: one with a ramp still in place to raise blocks; the other with cut stones ready to go on a very ambitions dome.

Most tours from Puno depart for the ruins in the early afternoon (about 2:30pm) and include private return transport, English speaking guide and entrance fees. Take some warm clothes as it can get quiet chilly even if the skies are blue.