Festivals in Peru

On their arrival at Cusco, the Spaniards got surprised when they knew the God’s children would take the Inca mummies in procession. Then they decided to finish with that pagan celebration. The missionaries, who were going with the conquerors, took a simple decision according to that age: they replaced the honoured remains by images of the Virgin and the Catholic Saints. Then the Corpus Christi, a catholic celebration mixed with Andean shades, was born in the ancient Capital of the Tawantinsuyo. It was in fact very similar with other very important feasts, like Qoyllur Rit’i in the Cusco highlands, with the Easter week in the whole South Peru and with the Virgen de la Candelaria in Puno. There is a very peculiar syncretism in the mentioned celebration, a mixture of the old local gods and the catholic ones.

The only important feast maintaining its Inca character is the Inti Raymi, a celebration to the Sun god in Cusco held every 24th of June.

There are many other colorful festivities all along Peru, please ask for more information.