The vast woodlands of Peru are still mostly unexplored, yet withIn them specialists have counted over 850 species of orchids – and they´re still going!

The best areas in Peru to see orchids are in the cloud forest where they grow wild: northern Peru (Tarapoto), Lima, where you can also visit collectors´ greenhouses, Manu National Park, and near Machu Picchu. Our specialists in orchids are biologist Lic.Gustavo Salazar and orchid collector Dr. Isaias Rolando, ophalmologist.


Peru has an enormous variety of climates. The coast consists of 3,000 miles of desert which is foggy during the winter months allowing for the development of an immense variety of cactae. The most important areas are in the Arequipa and Lima valleys, the White Range (Cordillera Blanca) valleys, Huancavelica and Cuzco. An English speaking specialist takes us up to the western slopes of the Andes to show us the incredible adaptation of plants to this particular environment.