Gastronomic Tours

Andean Origins Tour Operator creates for your customers special interest tours, including tailor made gastronomy tours. Hotel accommodation, typical meals in selected restaurants in the most important cities, guides, entrance tickets for exhibitions and special events, transfers, local assistants, company visits, and themed evenings are only a few of the services we supply.

Peru has the tastiest cuisine in South America and one of the best in the world, with a great variety of sea food, Peruvian regional dishes, fruits and vegetables, where the country’s biodiversity is reflected. In addition to traditional recipes, a new generation of highly creative chefs offer a new proposal of contemporary Peruvian cuisine and exotic fusions: healthy, light and delicious, where traditional recipes are enriched with a wide variety of ingredients which add new concepts of modern cuisine.

Peru’s varied geography, which hosts most of the world´s microclimates, has produced such an equally varied cuisine. A dazzling range of potatoes and corn from the highlands; bananas, chirimoyas and several other exotic tropical fruits in the coastal and Amazon areas, together with the bounty of the waters of the Pacific, particularly fish, lobsters and shrimp, makes dining in Peru a unique and exquisite experience.

Culinary Tours

Andean Origin´s Culinary Tours take you into a journey of the flavors, aromas and textures of the exquisite Peruvian gastronomy. This program is intended for the cuisine enthusiast who in addition to tasting many dishes from the vast Peruvian culinary will also learn from local chefs the secrets of the authentic Peruvian gastronomy.

Andean Origin´s Culinary Tours tailor-made itineraries include guided visits to local fish and produce markets as well as nearby valleys and ranches where participants will learn about Peruvian typical dishes. We will also learn about the foreign-influenced Peruvian dishes that were developed by immigrants from Japan, China and Italy more than a century ago. Traditional and nouveau Andean cuisine will also be explored and discovered in the city of Cusco.

Started with a Pisco-sour, the national Peruvian drink and accompanied by Peru’s own Tacama or Tabernero quality wines, every meal will be a delightful and unforgettable experience. A shot of Pisco, the Peruvian grape brandy – presented in four main grape sorts – may be the ideal end for every gastronomic experience.

Visits to ancient ruins and modern museums and city tours are also integrated into the program to help participants better understand the origins and influences of Peruvian Gastronomy.