The Four Lakes Tour

The journey starts out from the village of Combapata, 115 km (71 mi.)southeast of Cusco along the highway to Puno, and continues along a cobbled road that sets off from the main square, crosses the Vilcanota River and climbs up to the village of Chosica-Canas, from where one can get a superb view of the Salcca Valley on the other side of the river. Acopía is the first stop on the circuit. It is worth visiting this charming shepherds’ village and enter its pretty colonial church, dedicated to Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza (Our Lady of Hope). A side road winds through sweeping barley fields by the banks of Lake Asnacocha (“salty lake” in the Quechua language). On the way back from the detour, one can visit the picturesque colonial town of Mosoqllacta (3,600 m), perched on top of a hill that affords a splendid view of the lake. Just 2 km along the same route lays Thumit, a tiny village by the banks of Lake Tungasuca, with adobe mud-brick houses and totora reed roofs. From here, one has to retrace one’s steps and head back on the paved road that leads to Pampamarca, the starting point for the route to the historic town of Tungasuca. The community of Yanaoca is at the end of the circuit.