The Sican Museum

It is located in Ferreñafe, 25 minutes from the city of Chiclayo. It displays the different daily aspects of the Sican culture including different process for making pottery and metal crafts. In addition Sican Museum has an interesting display of the tombs of the Sican nobility. The Sican Culture The name Sicán, has recently been […]

The Sipan Culture and Museum

The November 2002 opening of the Royal Tombs of Sipán Museum, Latin America’s most spectacular new museum in Lambayeque, marked an important step for the conservation of the almost two thousand pieces which traveled around the world before finally finding a home in this building conceived in the style of the mausoleums of the ancient Mochica […]

Museums in Trujillo

The Museo de Arqueología, Antropología y Historia is housed in the elegant Casa Risco, a colonial house built in the early 18th century. This charts the development of pre-Hispanic cultures in northern Peru, especially the Moche, Chimú and Inca cultures. There are plenty of ceramics and some good explanations. The museum has a particularly good section on the […]

Huaca el Brujo & Lady of Cao

“Huaca Cao Viejo” is an archaeological site dating back to the Moche culture (100 BC-650 AD). It is a badly damaged, stepped pyramid with a central court that was probably used primarily for religious ceremonies. This pyramid is undoubtedly the most impressive Moche site in the Chicama Valley and is nowadays more often referred to as “Huaca […]

Peruvian Wine

The wine industry in Peru has been around for much longer than most people believe. Wine grapes were first introduced in Peru by the Spanish Conqueror Marquis Francisco de Caravantes, who visited there during the 16th century. Since then, Peruvians were working on perfecting their wine growing techniques. During the colonial times the in 17th […]

Pisco and Peru

Pisco is a brandy distilled from grapes grown in the warm and sunny regions of Peru that have proven designation of origin (DOC). It was first produced in the province of Pisco, Peru, in the 16th century, located three hundred kilometers south of Lima. They are the favorable soils and the mild climate of the […]

Other Attractions of Nazca

Usually, visitors in Nazca remain less than a day to fly over the famous lines and figures of the Nazca pampas. However, the place offers other archaeological and natural high-level attractions for a stay of up to three days or even more. Maria Reiche Museum Maria Reiche, a German mathematician, devoted a significant part of […]

Llachon Community

The Capachica peninsula separates the Bay of Puno (or shallow section of the Lake) from the main Lake, or Lago Mayor. Valentin, the head of the Llachón community is a very entrepreneurial type who has organised his fellow community members, to develop community based tourism. You can go on a village visit and have lunch […]

The Titicaca Lake Islands

Uros Islands (3 hours tour from Puno) Although the Uros Indians of the floating islands have intermarried with Aymara Indians and no pure-blooded Uros exist, many of the inhabitants of the islands still practice the old traditions of fishing, trapping birds and living on the lake plants. The totora reeds which grow abundantly in the shallows […]

Expedition to Andagua, Valley of the volcanoes

This lost valley wedged in the heart of the Andes is the extraordinary site of nearly a hundred volcanoes of every size under the sun, dotted with groves of cactus and villages built on top of long-cooled lava flows.This is Andagua, the Volcanoe’s playground. The first time the outside world heard of this place was […]