North perú

from two weeks on

 Self driving to the spectacular and less known but fascinating  North Peru Cultures, very different to the ones in the south.  
We can design with you the sites you would love to visit, and the duration of the trip. 

For instance, starting in  Lima (as alternative you can fly straight to Chiclayo, to shorten your trip), continue along the North Panamericana highway to visit Caral (the oldest ceremonial city in the Americas). A possible side trip from Casma to the east would be a visit to the Sechi temple, representing an impressive massaker, with Chavin influence, Otherwise, continue to the beautiful Trujillo colonial city and the nearby Mochica (Huaca de la Luna) and Chimu (Chan Chan) culture monuments,  then to Chiclayo and the spectacular Tumbas Reales Museum with the incredible treasures of the Sipan King. For nature interested passengers, we can include the Chaparry nature reserve, a sanctuary for the Spectabled bear, the white winged turkey and many other species, Crossing the low Andean pass, you would arrive to the amaizing Chachapoyas culture (the fearsome warriors of the clouds), boasting very particular monuments (like the Kuelap fortress, called the Machu Picchu of the North), and the Gocta waterfall in the high jungle, to continue to Cajamarca and Cumbemayo channels and stone forest. Back to the coast , possible drop off in  Trujillo. Or may be continuing to Huaraz, enjoy the views of the White Range (Cordillera Blanca), the Llanganuco lakes and the very old Chavin ruins temple, returning to Lima in about 3 weeks. 

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Itinerary suggestion

Day 1 | arrival at lima

Upon arrival, you will be met at the airport and driven to your hotel.

Day 2 | Lima

Today you are at leisure and have time to explore the capital of Peru. We are also happy to plan a guided city tour for you, including the interesting San Francisco church down town and the Larco Herrera Museum in Pueblo Libre. Please ask us if you are interested.

Day 3 | Lima flight to Chiclayo

You will be driven to the airport to fly to the north of the country to Chiclayo. There, too, you will be picked up at the airport and transferred to your centrally located hotel.

day 4 |Chiclayo car rental

After breakfast, your rental car will be brought to the hotel. A guide will help you with the takeover and the contract formalities, who can also give you valuable tips for your

day 5 | Chiclayo to Gocta Andes Lodge

After breakfast you will drive on an extraordinarily beautiful route via Pedro Ruiz to Gocta. The now almost continuously paved route leads through varied landscapes, which always

Day 6 | Gocta (trekking excursion to the waterfalls)

Today is at your leisure. Your hotel, the Gocta Andes Lodge, is beautifully located and offers a fantastic view of the third largest waterfall in the world. You can spend the day

Day 7 | Gocta Andes Lodge drive to visit karajia CHACHAPOYAS sarcophags

During the day you will continue to Chachapoyas. The route is relatively short, so you also have time to explore this colonial town.
Driving distance approx. 60 km, mostly tarred road

Day 8 | Chachapoyas city to Kuelap fortress and to Leimebamba

After breakfast, the tour of Kuelap is on the program. You should definitely plan two to three hours for the visit of this almost unknown and yet spectacular fortress city.

Day 9 | Leimebamba excursion to revash mauseleums

Today we recommend a trip to Revash. For this you should be accompanied by a guide, see note below.

Day 10 | from Leimebamba drive down into the deep marañon river gorge and up to Cajamarca

The road from Leimebamba to Cajamarca is one of the most spectacular routes in Peru where you cross from the 3,800m high Barro Negro Pass down to 800 meters to the river canyon.

Day 11 | Cajamarca

This day is at your leisure to explore the many attractions of the city and the surrounding area. The centre of this tranquil city is the Plaza de Armas . It is framed by several colonial

Day 12 | Cajamarca - el brujo - Trujillo

Today you drive to Trujillo. Shortly before Chocope you should take the turnoff to the west to visit the seafront "El Brujo". The entire complex of the Moche culture extends over

Day 13 | Trujillo (city tour and excursion to Chan Chan)

This day is at your leisure. Discover the colonial showpieces of this northernmost major city in Peru. The best place to start your discovery is in the Plaza de Armas, which is lined

Day 14 | Trujillo - Huaraz

Also today you should leave early to have enough time for the long drive and stops on the route. The first stage over almost 200km leads you on the quite well-developed Panamericana south to the village of Casma.

Day 15 | Huaraz, excursion to Chavín

We recommend a trip to Chavín today. The temple complex of Chavín de Huantar is located at an altitude of over 3,000m on the east side of the Andes and is probably

Day 16 | Huaraz, excursion to Llanguanuco

This day remains at your leisure to get to know the spectacular "Cordillera Blanca" around Huaraz even better. We recommend the drive to the lakes and gorges of

Day 17 | Huaraz, Lima

The journey is nearing its end. You will drive back to Lima, where you will drop off the car at the airport in the afternoon. Afterwards transfer to the well-known hotel, where you will spend the night one last time.

Day 18 | Return journey to Lima

Depending on the planned return flight, you may still have time for final explorations or shopping in Lima. The transfer to the airport takes place in time for the flight home. There end of the trip or start of your follow-up program.


Rental car including unlimited freekm, taxes as well as CDW and TDW insurance and accurate route description

Overnight stays in the listed hotels/lodges with buffet breakfast

Guide during excurcions and entrance tickets

Transfers in Lima and Chiclayo as mentioned

Not Included

International and local flights

Fuel, highway toll taxes and Travel insurance

Meals and other services not mentioned, tips

Personal expenses